Here are resources pertinent to alumni and others interested in criminal justice.


National Headquarters of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Death Penalty Information Center - Information and statistics on the death penalty, including an updated list of executions in this country.

The Beat Within - "A Weekly Publication of Writing and Art from the Inside."

The Prison Arts Coalition - "Information and resources for those creating art in and around the US prison system."

NYC Books Through Bars - "An all-volunteer-run group that sends free, donated books to incarcerated people across the nation."

"Incarceration's Front Door: The Misuse of Jails in America(Feb. 2015) - The Vera Institute of Justice's publication about local jails, community impacts, and opportunities for reform.

The Real Cost of Prisons Project

"College for Ex-Offenders: A Guide to Continuing Education After Prison"


90x30 - A Lane County initiative to reduce childhood abuse and neglect 90% by 2030.

Oregon Department of Correction Statistics - Offers population statistics, trends and profiles.

Oregon Criminal Justice Commission - Offers annual progress reports and performance measures.

Partnership for Safety and Justice - A "multi-faceted statewide advocacy organization based in Portland, Oregon."


Serving Life (2011) OWN

Juvenile In Justice 

The Inside-Out Center's list of recommended films.