Book Club: John Serbu Youth Campus

By Keene Corbin

    Through our book club meeting for SERBU last week I was reminded how it feels to do the work that we do. The space felt inclusive and we spoke about potential themes that we were fascinated by. Noah spoke about his passion for music, hip hop, and lyrics and the power and beauty of its narrative. Aubrie spoke about her research on gentrification in Portland and how it could present a wholesome topic for the SERBU youth to learn about and formulate ideas and opinions around. We also had an interesting conversation of how the words that we choose to use can have dramatic impacts on the way that people interpret the message.

    For me, I found value in this meeting because it reminded me of the joy that is centered around this work in SERBU. The passion, the laughter, and the smiles fuel the conversations and enhance the important dialogue that is earned from creating such a comfortable and yet challenging space. Through these conversations, I am reminded how enjoyable it is to participate in the SERBU circle.