Organize for Justice, Part Two!

As those of you who follow the blog may know, our Organize for Justice event was cancelled last month due to inclement weather. Luckily, many of our speakers were able to accommodate rescheduling, and we have another great lineup of tablers and presenters! Tentative Schedule: 5:00: Doors open 5:15: Welcoming Comments 5:20: 1st Presentation - UO Undergrad Tashia Davis presenting the History of Prison Education in Oregon 5:35: Spotlight Presentation and Transition 5:40: 2nd presentation - Kevin Alltucker, UO Assistant Professor in the FHS Department, on the importance of volunteering, service-learning, and the ability to make change 6:00: Spotlight Presentation and Transition 6:05: 3rd Presentation - Jen Jackson of Sponsors, Inc., on mentorship and assisting individuals to re-enter society 6:25: Spotlight Presentation and Transition 6:30: 15 minute intermission and refreshments 6:45: 4th Presentation - Deborah Arthur, professor at PSU, representing The Beat Within, an organization that brings creative writing and arts programs into juvenile detention facilities 7:05: Spotlight Presentation and Transition 7:10: 5th Presentation - John Aarons, Assistant Divisions Manager of Lane County Department of Youth Services, on the juvenile justice system and opportunities for local engagement 7:30: Wrap-up comments, Transition to Open House 7:35 - 9: Networking with Tabling Programs

Spotlight presentations will briefly highlight tabling groups around the room between presentations.

Thhe event will now be held Monday, March 7, 2014 at 5pm in the Fir Room of the EMU.