Ready to Organize for Justice?

Update: due to inclement weather, Organize for Justice has been postponed. We will be announcing its new time and location on the blog soon! This Friday, February 7, the University of Oregon Criminal Justice Network and Inside-Out Alumni will host Organize for Justice, a networking event designed to bring together students and members of the community in their efforts to promote focus on criminal justice.

The event will feature presentations addressing relevant issues and ongoing projects. Presenters from Sponsors, Inc., The Beat Within, and Enlance will discuss the work being done at the forefront of the reintegration and prison divestment movements, as well as new developments in these spheres. John Aarons, Assistant Division Manager of Lane County Department of Youth Services, will give a talk as well.

In addition to live speakers, we will also have tabling from representatives of local and state organizations. Organizations set to participate include 90x30, a community-based initiative aimed at reducing child neglect in Lane County 90% by 2030; the University of Oregon Service-Learning Program; and the Diversity and Inclusion Counsel of the Oregon Department of Corrections. Students can familiarize themselves with upcoming projects, network, and engage with people already involved in the campaign for social opportunity and equality.

If you are an Inside-Out Alum, a community member who is interested in getting involved, or a UO student who is curious about the fight for social justice today, Organize for Justice is your opportunity to show your support. All you have to do is bring your self -- but bonus points if you bring your friends, your resume, and your commitment to a better future, too.

Organize for Justice takes place February 7, 2014, in the Walnut Room of the Erb Memorial Union on campus.