For Your Viewing Pleasure

Last week, the UO Prison Justice Working Group; the Cultural Forum; and UO Students for a Sensible Drug Policy put on a two-day film series entitled Smoke Signals: Perspectives on Mass Incarceration. They showed four films, all of which are worth watching if you are interested in learning more about current issues in incarceration, drug policy, and the judicial system. They are:

  • The House I Live In
  • Broken on All Sides
  • In Prison My Whole Life
  • Shakespeare Behind Bars

Earlier in the term, the UO Inside-Out Alumni Group also watched Shakespeare Behind Bars, a documentary film about a theater program inside a penitentiary. If you haven’t already seen this film, it’s a thought-provoking piece and an interesting program to compare and contrast with the Inside-Out model. Well worth a watch for Inside-Out alumni.

If you’re interested in learning more, go to

On another note, the Eugene Opera is premiering the opera version of Sister Helen Prejean’s acclaimed book Dead Man Walking. There are showings of the opera at the Hult Performing Arts Center in Eugene on Friday, March 15 and Sunday, March 17. Get tickets soon if you’re interested in seeing the show:

***The Inside-Out Program encourages continued education for its alumni, but does not endorse any particular political messages. The opinions of individuals interviewed in these films are completely their own.