Conversations Across America

My name is Nina, and I go to the University of Oregon. I took my Inside-Out class at OSP in winter term of 2012. My Inside-Out experience transformed my perception of my relationship to the world and to others. Seven months after my last Inside-Out class, I remain more open to others than I remember being prior to entering OSP for the first time. Inside-Out developed and affirmed my belief that I can talk to anyone and I have something to learn from everyone. The perspectives I gained last year influenced my travels while biking across America this summer. They informed my conscious decisions to seek out conversations with individuals whom I would not normally interact with had I not made a proactive effort to do so. When my riding team stayed with host families this summer, I would often respond to my hosts’ inquiries about my interests by beginning an explanation of Inside-Out.

The people I became acquainted with through Inside-Out changed me and the course of my academic and extracurricular passions. Even after seven months of time and 4,000 miles of biking, I still think of those I know on the inside multiple times a day. My compassion for those directly affected by crime and my interest in criminal justice, both sparked by Inside-Out, continue to gain momentum in my life.