Spreading the Knowledge

Hello Inside-Out Oregonians! After a bit of a summer hiatus, the Oregon blog is back up and running and there will be a weekly post for the rest of the summer!

In the coming weeks, look for posts about the book club summer session that took place at the Serbu youth facility during June and July. Additionally, 6 new Oregon instructors were trained at Inside-Out's first ever Oregon instructor training. New instructors come from UO, PSU, PCC, Clackamas Community College, and Lewis and Clark--bringing the grand total of Oregon instructors up to 15!

All in all, a good summer!

Here is an update from UO alumna Sophie T. on the book drive that UO alumni did for the Serbu youth facility, and Sponsors, a local re-entry program (big shout out to Sophie and all those who donated books for their leadership and generosity!):

"On behalf of the UO Inside-Out Alumni I would like to say a great big thank you to the Honors College for everyone’s support of our book drive! Towards the end of this school year, we were thinking about all the books we didn’t need taking up space in our bookshelves anymore (Organic Chemistry anyone…?). This led to a discussion of all the empty bookshelves at our local juvenile correction center, as well as our re-entry program for adults. We decided to enlist the help of our friends and classmates in the Honors College to collect books for both the Serbu Youth Campus and Sponsors Re-Entry Services here in Eugene. By the end of spring term we had three full boxes of texts ranging from a collector’s edition of Alice in Wonderland, to a textbook on Native American poetry, to Barack Obama’s Audacity of Hope. We were thrilled! But there was more. To make room for more student theses in our library, the Honors College was planning to get rid of a significant portion of our books. Thanks to the Clark Honors College Student Association, our librarian Miriam Rigby, and the wonderful Michael Sugar, our book drive received a massive donation of approximately 15 more boxes, bringing us to a grand total of (drum roll please…) over 600 books! State funding for programs like Serbu and Sponsors is taking a big hit this year, so this contribution will make a major difference to the men, women, and youth in our community who are transitioning from incarceration. Huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who helped make this happen!"

- Sophie T.

Inside-Out Alumna from UO