- MONDAY POST - And The Winner Is...

We are pleased to announce that Phoebe has won our latest writing contest! She will receive a t-shirt from the Inside-Out Center in Philadelphia as a prize. Thank you to all who participated! We asked Inside-Out alumni to write about how their Inside-Out courses have directed or redirected them in the time between their graduation ceremonies and now--all in 100 words or less.

Here is Phoebe's winning entry:

I have met many new people since I took an Inside-Out class a year ago. Inside-Out changed the way I look at and try to understand the individuals I meet. One of the biggest take-aways from my Inside-Out class was the reminder that we are all human and that people, regardless of their background, ought to have a voice. When we are deaf to that voice, we lose sight of our common humanity. Although Inside-Out has shaped my college experience in important ways, even more important are the ways it has shaped how I perceive and interact with people.

Phoebe Inside-Out Winter 2010