- MONDAY POST - Mega-Jail

An Inside-Out alumnus sent our way a documentary called "Miami MegaJail," recently. Inside-Out courses and the people who take part in them do not study 'inside' people. However, a key component of the Inside-Out experience is 'outside' people familiarizing themselves with the prisons and jails where their classmates/students live. Inside-Out, for many of us, also sparks a lifelong concern about the justice system and the conditions in which it incarcerates people. This documentary is a look at the social dynamics that grow out of those conditions.

Be advised that it's graphic and full of offensive language. The interviewer is brash, too, in a way that might get under your skin. But it's pretty essential viewing in that it accesses Miami's jail system in a very 'real' way.

Part 1

Part 2