- FRIDAY POST - T-Shirt Contest 2.0 !

First, let me apologize for missing the Thursday Post yesterday, for the first time. My roommate spilled tea on my laptop...my laptop isn't, but we're back in action! 

As the term begins to wind down, Inside-Out courses in Oregon are coming to a close, or quickly approaching that point. This means graduation ceremonies. It also means very final goodbyes. In light of this special time of the term--and the year as a whole, for that matter--I'm pleased to announce Inside-Out Oregon's second writing contest:

In 100 words or less, write about how your Inside-Out course has directed or redirected you in the time between now and your graduation ceremony. How, in other words, has Inside-Out affected your life and the way you see the world? Tell your story in the most descriptive, memorable, captivating way that you can. It's not about what you've accomplished or thought about since, but how you present it in writing. Don't be afraid of the prompt's broad scope; instead, let your writing go where it will. Finally, IF YOU'RE JUST NOW COMPLETING AN INSIDE-OUT COURSE, we encourage you to write about how your perception has shifted over the course of this current term.

Winner gets an Inside-Out t-shirt, and internet fame! The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 11 at 5pm. Entry is limited to folks who took Inside-Out courses in the state of Oregon.

- Alex

U of O