- THURSDAY POST - Turning Heads

I was once asked about how my internship with In-N-Out* was going.

Today, Inside-Out is an international movement that is frequently spotlighted in newspapers in the USA and Canada, and I don’t get asked about In-N-Out. Not quite causation, but the point is that this program is increasingly recognized in ways many of us don't realize.

Here are some links to news stories about Inside-Out Oregon (this is limited to the past few months):

Current U of O I-O student Riley writes about Inside-Out for Ethos Magazine:

The Oregon Daily Emerald features former ‘inside’ student David and the program’s expansion at U of O:

An overview of the Serbu Book Club in the Oregon Daily Emerald:

Former ‘outside’ student Ben on Inside-Out’s “doing education right” (Register Guard):

Have publications (on campus or otherwise) featured Inside-Out at your college/university? We want to hear about it!

*In-N-Out Burger, a [delicious] California burger chain

- Alex
U of O