- THURSDAY POST - "Beyond the Bars" at OSU Update

Update from Beaver Nation: Plans for OSU alumni to gather during the Service Symposium have been delayed due to the delay of the symposium! Unfortunate for us! However, there is new news regarding the transition program here for formerly incarcerated students. We completed an employee survey which received 368 submissions. Preliminary results show that knowledge of student issues related to criminal background was the lowest in comparison to other reference student groups, including: racially underrepresented, women, international, parents, LGBTQ, etc. Adding to this, most employees were unaware of where to send students if they had issues related to criminal background. A surprising finding was that 30% of people surveyed had worked with a student who had a criminal background.

We have a current estimate of 25-50 individuals at the Corvallis campus have some form of history with the criminal justice system.

The data is being collected and submitted to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and will make recommendations for student programing and employee development. We would be so interested in connecting with any other schools attempting to begin some form of transitions support.

You all might be interested in programs in California: Project Rebound of San Francisco State University, and Santa Barbara City College Transitions summer bridge program, where students coming out of the system in CA may get enroll in school through an alternative process, receive academic/job support, orientation to university, receive textbook grants, etc.

So there are some good programs to compare to and emulate.

- Chris, Outside Grad Student F10, OSU