- THURSDAY POST - Re-Entry Support Group and U of O

For UO Inside-Out alumni in the Eugene area, we are currently working on a proposed program: a re-entry support group for folks leaving Oregon Youth Authority custody. The idea is that the organization would facilitate a group of half Inside-Out alumni and half young adults who are re-entering communities in Lane County.  The participants from OYA would be between 18 and 24 years old, and would be under parole supervision but would be working to re-enter a community and develop new habits and skills.

The group would be discussion-based, and a safe space for dialogue about friendship, loneliness, coping with temptation and discrimination, and dealing with conflict and communication issues.

Hopefully the group will begin in spring term.  We would be participants, not facilitators of this project, and would commit to eight weeks of once-a-week meetings.

I am very excited about the project, both because I see it as a key service for re-entry support, and partly because I love the idea that we would be resources for other people’s projects, and that we, as Inside-Out alumni, might be involved with exciting projects regarding justice issues in the future.

I’ll keep everyone posted about the progress of this project.  In the meantime, please write if you are interested so we can build a list of potential participants, and send me any questions.

- Katie

University of Oregon