Looking for new alumni ideas

Hey everyone,

We're working nationally and locally to develop new ideas for alumni projects. We're hoping to create a variety of ways for Inside-Out alumni to stay involved, whether they are connected to a local Inside-Out group or not. We hope to have more folks writing on the blog (to connect, please email nationalinsideoutalumni@gmail.com)

We imagine that some groups can form new projects and programs as alumni. For those people, we're looking for more ideas like the youth book club in Oregon or the re-entry program in Philadelphia. Any suggestions?

It's also possible that we as an organization could help get people hooked up with programs with similar ideologies, that aren't affiliated with Inside-Out. An example in Oregon would be volunteering with Sponsors, a really fabulous re-entry program in Eugene, which is a really fabulous organization and is co-directed by Inside-Out trained Paul Solomon.

So if you've got ideas, please comment! We'd love to hear from you.