Second annual Northwest regional Hub meeting

Over fifteen alumni from Oregon State University, Chemeketa Community College, and the University of Oregon joined Inside-Out instructors and community members for the second annual Northwest Regional Hub meeting! There is some incredible energy growing in Oregon, with a fast-expanding base of participants and ideas. Folks in Oregon are hoping to create a real network of students, working on existing projects and creating new ones.
Some specific ideas coming out of the Hub:
- Develop and share templates for past experiences
- Hold alumni training for facilitation and project creation
- Create some regional structure for collaboration
- Create an art project with folks on the inside
- Work with a local post-release gardening project
- Publicize Inside-Out regionally
- Recruit new instructors and students
- Start new book-club projects in Portland and (maybe) Salem
Hopefully these ideas will get off the ground quickly! In the meantime, there's a lot to celebrate from having all these alumni in one room, building the movement in Oregon.