Inside-Out Alumni taking second classes

There are two Inside-Out classes being offered this term through the University of Oregon.  Both classes have inside and outside students who have participated in other Inside-Out classes in the past. 

This year, eight professors from four colleges and universities in Oregon will offer Inside-Out classes.  They are being held at the Oregon State Penitentiary, the Oregon State Correctional Institution, and Coffee Creek Correctional Facility through Portland State University, Oregon State University, Chemeketa Community College, and the University of Oregon.  Classes are being offered in sociology, literature, film, and geography.

Because of the variety of courses offered and the number of participating institutions, students on the inside and the outside have the opportunity of experiencing Inside-Out again.  Their presence in the classrooms offers the opportunity to add insights and confidence in the setting, as well as allowing students to broaden their educational experiences. 

In addition to these students, two alumni are serving as teaching assistants in Inside-Out classes.  Hopefully there will be more leadership roles developed in the future.