Alumni guidelines documents coming soon

A few of us at the national level are working to create a set of guidelines and "best practices" for future alumni programs.  We want to help all alumni be involved and feel welcome to add insite and innovation to the national program.  We are working on guidelines for projects that involve both inside and outside alumni, and specific rules about the No Contact policy and how that will allow for "programmatic contact." 

We are also compiling the experience and suggestions of the projects that have already been started (like the Oregon Book Club) to help inspire people in the creation of future projects.  We've learned, for example, that the alumni groups often need one or two point people to get the ball rolling, but that additional structure means that more people start getting involved.  We also know that it really, really helps to receive recognition and support for projects from the Inside-Out Program itself.  That's one place where the national Alumni Group can help.

Hopefully, groups will start coming together across the country very soon.  We'll have instructions and guidelines ready for them.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions for what belongs in this document, please contact us by commenting on this post, or by emailing us at