Developing Inside-Out Alumni Guidelines

Hey everyone! There is a developing group of Inside-Out Alumni, working together to put together protocol and guidelines for alumni groups. So far, the leadership is coming from the Inside-Out Center at Temple University in Philadelphia, and at the other strong alumni site in Oregon. We are working together to create not only the guidelines for new groups, but also ideas for how to best support our alumni and to encourage future work on Inside-Out related projects and reflecting those values.

If you have suggestions for us, or want to be involved, please write to us! We can't wait for a time when there are dozens of authors on this blog, and hundreds of voices across the country contributing project ideas and program support.

If you're like me, you know that what you learned in Inside-Out has changed you in a fundamental way. You also probably know that you have learned things that have the potential to change the world. Now the point is to find a way to do that together.

Please send your feedback and suggestions, keep checking this blog, and help get this off the ground!

Write us at and encourage your local professors to get involved with the Alumni subcommittee.